Eskeen Laboratories, Inc.

Eskeen launches EskeenDRI Powder

As a way to strengthen and widen its footprint in the hyperhidrosis market, Eskeen Laboratories, Inc. has launched EskeenDRI Powder at the start of the 2nd quarter this year. EskeenDRI is an extension of the successful and dermatologists-preferred EskeenDRI Spray. The new Powder format was officially launched last April 16 and is now being used by more than 100 dermatologists after just over 2 months in the market.

Although both are recommended for use to control excessive moisture in areas that are prone to wetness, EskeenDRI Powder is more specific for palms and soles. EskeenDRI Powder promises advanced wetness control with its established aluminum chloride chlorohydrate formula. To add value to the product, Eskeen’s R&D team worked hard to make it available in an all-natural talc-free formulation to enhance its safety profile.

EskeenDRI Powder can now be purchased exclusively in dermatologists clinics nationwide.

ESKEEN Laboratories, Inc.

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