Eskeen Laboratories, Inc.

Eskeen Kicks Off Strong!!

Eskeen Laboratories held its 11th annual Kick-off Conference last January 16-18 at the Astoria Plaza in Pasig City with the theme “Eskeen 2D” to mark the 2nd decade of its commercial operations. The first year of the new decade will mark the launch of key initiatives that will support Eskeen’s ambitious and long-overdue participation in the dermatology prescription market. This phase in the company’s strategy map will entail significant investments in commercial operations, in general and marketing projects, in particular.

The whole team of 30 people from the Leadership Team to the support functions staff came in full force ready to crush its budget for the finance year 2020. The optimism and enthusiasm.

The event started on the afternoon of the 16th with satellite meetings of the Leadership Team and the 3 sales teams to finalize each team’s execution plan that cascaded from the Business Plan approved by the LT last December.

The next day saw the presentations of the function leads and district sales leads in a plenary session that lasted for 8 solid hours. The management team of its distribution partner – Oxford Distributors – came to give a few important heads-up on how the young partnership is moving. They also provided updates on how the South Luzon business is being impacted by the Taal volcano incident.

The show of solidarity, optimism and enthusiasm – pervasive the in entire event – was capped by the traditional fellowship night highlighted by the Tala challenge where no one won.