Eskeen Laboratories, Inc.


Eczekleen MB Bar

Eczekleen MB Bar is a skin barrier-support cleanser that supplements the skin of its needed oils – notably ceramide. Eczecleen MB Bar helps in keeping a healthy amount of essential oils on the skin to enhance its natural barrier function, crucial in keeping the skin less susceptible to the vicious itch-scratch-itch cycle. Best results are achieved by using Eczekleen MB Bar as the daily bath soap along with Eczekleen AD Cream.

Eczekleen Barrier Replenishing Foam Wash

Eczekleen Foam Wash is a special formulation that cleanses and moisturizes the skin simultaneously. Eczekleen Foam Wash is suitable for dry and highly compromised skins. It replenishes the skins oily protective layer washed away by ordinary soaps. Eczekleen Foam Wash is mild enough for everyday use.

Fungeekleen T3 Bar

Fungeekleen T3 (Triple Action) Bar combines three effective and safe ingredients that may help control itchiness caused by superficial fungal infections. These 3 – Banana stem extract, salicylic acid, and tea tree extract – help patients improve skin defenses, improving overall skin health.

Emolkleen Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser

Designed with the synergistic combination of humectants and emollients that cleanses and moisturizes the skin simultaneously. It replenishes the skin’s oily protective layer washed away by ordinary detergents. Emolkleen Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser is mild enough for everyday use.

Emolkleen EF Bar

Emolkleen EF Bar contains light liquid paraffin (LLP), a known safe and effective emollient with occlusive effect formulated in a soap base that provides Enhanced Foaming ability. LLP helps moisturize the skin by trapping moisture through occlusion. Emolkleen EF Bar protects the integrity of the skin while it cleanses.

Glycokleen WF Bar

Glycokleen contains glycolic acid, a natural skin exfoliant and moisturizer. It helps slough off dead skin cells while drawing moisture into the newly exfoliated skin surface. Glycokleen WF Bar is also formulated with Kojic acid, a safe skin lightening agent that may help improve pigmetary problems. Glycokleen WF Bar is mild enough for everyday use.