Eskeen Laboratories, Inc.

Scalp and Hair Disorders

Dandrex Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Dandrex Shampoo offers a unique combination of Zinc pyrithione (ZnPTO), Monolaurin and Palmitoylethanolamine . ZnPTO, a coordinated complex of zinc is proven safe and effective in controlling buildup of scalp scales. Monolaurin and Palmitoylethanolamine may help control redness and itchiness.

Anitrins Everyday Mild and Nourishing Shampoo

Anitrins, a mild, sulfate-free nourishing shampoo, contains Protein hydrolysates, Free Amino acids and Palmitoyethanolamine. Protein Hydrolysates are well known humectants (promotes retention of moisture), they form a continuous film on the hair surface, link water molecules and help maintain good moisture level. Anitrins also contains PEA that may help prevent scalp redness and itchiness.

Dense-CT Serum Advanced and Dense-CT Shampoo

The Dense-CT system features 2 natural hair restoration products; The Dense-CT Hair Serum Advanced and the Dense-CT Hair Shampoo Advanced. Both work together synergistically to effectively target the different pathophysiologic processes that leads to the cessation of hair growth in male or female pattern baldness. Dense-CT is designed to significantly reduce thinning of hair with the first three months of use. Clinical testing has proven that when properly used, the natural ingredients found in Dense-CT may stop hair shedding cycle, improve density of each hair strand and promote regeneration of cells for a thicker, fuller and healthier hair.