Eskeen Laboratories, Inc.

Scalp and Hair Disorders

Dandrex Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Dandrex Shampoo offers a unique combination of Zinc pyrithione (ZnPTO), Monolaurin and Palmitoylethanolamine . ZnPTO, a coordinated complex of zinc is proven safe and effective to help in minimizing scalp scales.

Anitrins Everyday Mild and Nourishing Shampoo

Anitrins, a mild, sulfate-free nourishing shampoo, contains Protein hydrolysates, Free Amino acids and Palmitoyethanolamine. Protein Hydrolysates are well known humectants (promotes retention of moisture), they form a continuous film on the hair surface, link water molecules and help maintain good moisture level.

Dense-CT Serum Advanced and Dense-CT Shampoo

The Dense-CT system features 2 natural hair products; The Dense-CT Hair Serum Advanced and the Dense-CT Hair Shampoo Advanced. Both work together synergistically to effectively support hair and scalp. Dense-CT is designed to provide support in improving hair and scalp. When properly used, the natural ingredients found in Dense-CT may help improve density of each hair strand for thicker, fuller, and healthier looking hair.