Eskeen Laboratories, Inc.

Our R&D Philosophy

Eskeen’s approach to product development is guided not just by innovation, speed and control on quality and cost. We also encourage the creativity and boldness of our staff and that of our R&D partners. We do not just see the value in putting our heads together, we embrace it.

We do not just analyze the status quo, we persevere to challenge it. We do not just listen to patients, we hear them out. We do not just talk to our doctors through FGDs, we engage them in conversations constantly perhaps in anything under the sun.
These are the foundations upon which we have made Eczekleen, Sunskeen, C-Tranex, Citro-BLAAS Fungeekleen, DandrEX and and Dense CT successful brands.

Our product/brand development mantra “keen on skin” does not only define our character, it also communicates how hard we work to help the Filipino dermatologists help their patients.