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DNA repair enzymes in sunscreens and their impact on photoageing—A systematic review

Background: DNA damage is one of the main factors responsible for photoageing
and is predominantly attributed to ultraviolet irradiation (UV-R). Photoprotection by
conventional sunscreens is exclusively prophylactic, and of no value, once DNA damage
has occurred. As a result, the demand for DNA repair mechanisms inhibiting,
reversing or delaying the pathologic events in UV-exposed skin has sparked research
on anti-photoageing and strategies to improve the effect of conventional sunscreens.
This review provides an overview of recent developments in DNA repair enzymes
used in sunscreens and their impact on photoageing.
Methods: A systematic review of the literature, up to March 2019, was conducted
using the electronic databases, PubMed and Web of Science. Quality assessment
was carried out using the Newcastle-Ottawa scale (NOS) to ensure inclusion of adequate
quality studies only (NOS > 5).
Results: Out of the 352 publications, 52 were considered relevant to the key question
and included in the present review. Two major enzymes were found to play a major
role in DNA damage repair in sunscreens: photolyase and T4 endonuclease V. These
enzymes are capable of identifying and removing UV-R-induced dimeric photoproducts.
Clinical studies revealed that sunscreens with liposome-encapsulated types of
photolyase and/or T4 endonuclease V can enhance these repair mechanisms.
Conclusion: There is a lack of randomized controlled trials demonstrating the efficacy
of DNA repair enzymes on photoageing, or a superiority of sunscreens with
DNA repair enzymes compared to conventional sunscreens. Further studies are mandatory
to further reveal pathogenic factors of photoageing and possible therapeutic
strategies against it.

Eskeen Kicks Off Strong!!

Eskeen Laboratories held its 11th annual Kick-off Conference last January 16-18 at the Astoria Plaza in Pasig City with the theme “Eskeen 2D” to mark the 2nd decade of its commercial operations. The first year of the new decade will mark the launch of key initiatives that will support Eskeen’s ambitious and long-overdue participation in the dermatology prescription market. This phase in the company’s strategy map will entail significant investments in commercial operations, in general and marketing projects, in particular.

The whole team of 30 people from the Leadership Team to the support functions staff came in full force ready to crush its budget for the finance year 2020. The optimism and enthusiasm.

The event started on the afternoon of the 16th with satellite meetings of the Leadership Team and the 3 sales teams to finalize each team’s execution plan that cascaded from the Business Plan approved by the LT last December.

The next day saw the presentations of the function leads and district sales leads in a plenary session that lasted for 8 solid hours. The management team of its distribution partner – Oxford Distributors – came to give a few important heads-up on how the young partnership is moving. They also provided updates on how the South Luzon business is being impacted by the Taal volcano incident.

The show of solidarity, optimism and enthusiasm – pervasive the in entire event – was capped by the traditional fellowship night highlighted by the Tala challenge where no one won.

Eskeen is Ready to Rebuild

To All Our Valued Customers,


After nearly 3 months of being off-the-field due to the universally crippling effect of COVID 19, we are glad to inform all our customers that Eskeen is back to business. Despite some regulations that remain in place under either the GCQ or the MECQ, we will commit to delivering the high-quality service you have been used to before the pandemic. We recognize though, that the “new normal” will usher in a different approach on how business is going to be conducted from this time forward.

The lack of and the need for a structured response or coping strategy to the new normal will pose a tough challenge in our industry that was built on and has flourished in a friendly, face-to-face and a warm social environment. In some or most cases, patient consultation as well as the daily pharma rep interface might take place in a different medium while the pandemic is still on. Truly, the delivery of diagnosis, information, prescription, goods and other services will be fulfilled in a more impersonal mode moving forward.


While everybody grapples for ways on how to deal with the new normal efficiently and effectively, Eskeen assures all our customers of our utmost patience, cooperation and support. This means that in clinics where med rep visits will be allowed, we will be there. In cases where doctors prefer remote or virtual coverage, we will oblige. And if you prefer no contact in any form, we will be patient.


At the start of the year, we have launched our online purchase facility for doctors with great success. Almost 40% of our customers – around 400+ doctors – are using our website for supply of goods and product information. With the new normal, we have planned for an upgrade of our website to improve the amount and quality of product, disease and other derma specialty-related information that our customers can readily access. We also intend to put in interactive features to make your Eskeen Online experience complete and more meaningful. And while we do all this, we pray that you continue to do business with us in the interim and be patient on the service enhancements that we will put in place.


Eskeen partners with Oxford Distributors

Outsourcing of critical business activities – invoicing, delivery, warehousing and collections – is expected to accelerate twin-digit growth through efficient order processing and delivery and expanded physician reach.

Eskeen Laboratories, Inc. last month signed a three-year distribution agreement with Oxford Distributors, Inc. The partnership will allow Eskeen to focus on acquiring prescriptions in the competitive pediatric market. The move is expected to bring Eskeen to the Php 50M mark this year and Php 75M in 2022.

From left to right: Ina Reyes and Mando Salva, Oxford’s VP for Operations and General Managers, respectively; Emm Dapat, Jerry Paras and Jets Huerto, Eskeen’s Business Lead, Supply Chain Lead and Finance & Admin Lead, respectively.

As part of the partnership, Oxford Distributions, Inc. will handle the invoicing, warehousing, logistics and collections functions for Eskeen Laboratories. This means that Eskeen will be able to execute its customer acquisition strategy with increased reach and call frequency. This ultimately means higher quality customer contact with focus on product and commercial knowledge, customer-oriented communications, service quality, and overall territorial business performance.

About Eskeen

Eskeen Laboratories, Inc. is a Filipino-owned dermatology specialty company engaged in R&D, sales and distribution of high quality and affordable solutions to a wide range of chronic and acute skin and aesthetic problems. It is very visible in therapeutic areas such as barrier repair and replenishment, acne, melasma, ageing skin, hair loss, sun protection, emollients and protectives and antifungals.

About Oxford

Oxford Distributions, Inc. has a long history and track record of delivering logistics and other services to the healthcare industry. It is a trailblazing organization in the field of pharmaceutical distribution fulfilling orders of drugstores, hospitals, government institutions and dispensing doctors with the entire gamut of products from those requiring cold chain handling (vaccines) to topical preparations.

ESKEEN Laboratories, Inc.

Eskeen off to a good start with new selling model


After a full quarter of the roll out of Eskeen’s new selling model, JS financial numbers have out-performed all of 8 years’ previous quarters. The new model – re-structuring the sales force, re-designing its compensation package and re-tooling the mix of the mediums by which customers are reached – was launched in July 1. From revenue to cash flow, Eskeen’s balance sheet and income statement have never look better before this new model.

Sales records have been broken with the Jul-Sep quarter registering the highest quarter sales record in its history. The JS quarter this year was a whopping 48% higher than last year’s. The month of September recorded the highest month turnover (outside of the historically high November) since the company started. If trends firm up, the company is well on its way to breaching the Php 40M annual sales.

Net Before Taxes
Eskeen also recorded the highest month – outside of November – profit-before-taxes in July with the Jul-Sep quarter profits expected to crush all other quarters preceding the new model. After-taxes profit at the end of the year will breach the twin-digit percentage for the first time in its 9-year history.

Cash Flow
As a result of better AR management, more customer contact and compensation-tied-to-collections, cash flow has improved tremendously with cash—to-cash cycle expected to be reduced by twin-digit days.

Apart from the improvement in overall financial health, the new selling model has impacted sales and staff morale in no small measure. The re-structuring, along with people movements, has resulted in improved numbers in almost all performance metrics. And with the cost-per-man increasing significantly, the positive impact on revenue and collection numbers proves that profits will follow when limited cash is utilized the correct way.

ESKEEN holds 2018 Kick Off


It was a balanced 3 days of learning and re-learning, business meeting, teambuilding, fun and glory for the entire team of Eskeen Laboratories when they held their annual Kick Off conference last Jan 11-13 at the Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center in Tanay, Rizal.

The first day was dedicated to training for the new product to be launched anytime soon. The next day engaged everybody to the plans for 2018 and the key focus areas and initiatives to get back to the high, double-digit growth.

The 3rd day saw the three Sales zones breaking up into teams in the morning to fine-tune the national plan and break it down into small regional sales plans. A teambuilding exercise was held in the afternoon where 3 teams competed in 6 team challenges. The Blue team of National Sales Lead Clements Montero emerged victorious after all the numbers were tallied.

The whole event was capped by the Awarding and Fellowship night when 4 major awards were handed out to Lhaiza Santos (Employee of the Year and Extra Miler of the Year); Jeff Lancero (RBL of the Year) and Herman Flor (Fix It Person of the Year).

Eskeen will be Lean. Mean. 2018!!!

ESKEEN Laboratories, Inc.

Eskeen launches EskeenDRI Powder

As a way to strengthen and widen its footprint in the hyperhidrosis market, Eskeen Laboratories, Inc. has launched EskeenDRI Powder at the start of the 2nd quarter this year. EskeenDRI is an extension of the successful and dermatologists-preferred EskeenDRI Spray. The new Powder format was officially launched last April 16 and is now being used by more than 100 dermatologists after just over 2 months in the market.

Although both are recommended for use to control excessive moisture in areas that are prone to wetness, EskeenDRI Powder is more specific for palms and soles. EskeenDRI Powder promises advanced wetness control with its established aluminum chloride chlorohydrate formula. To add value to the product, Eskeen’s R&D team worked hard to make it available in an all-natural talc-free formulation to enhance its safety profile.

EskeenDRI Powder can now be purchased exclusively in dermatologists clinics nationwide.

ESKEEN Laboratories, Inc.